Feb 20

What To Do After A Job Interview

After an interview, it is advisable to keep yourself fresh in the mind of the interviewer(s). Here are some tips on how to do that.

Remember, you do not want to be perceived as a nuisance, so ask about their preferred method of follow-up communication and whether it would be acceptable to contact them in a few days.

If an interviewer asks that you follow up by phone in a week or on a specific date, respect their wishes. Calling earlier may be perceived as desperate, impatient or disrespectful.

Send a Thank You note to each of the interviewers one day after the interview. This will give a positive indication of your interest level in the position you have applied for and can be an excellent way to showcase your written communication skills. Such a letter could also be used to convey any important information which you may not have had the chance to impart during the interview.

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