Dec 18

Corporate Services

Outplacement Services

I work with you to determine what services fit your budget, and what services best suit the needs of your departing employee(s). Your displaced employees will get personalized counseling sessions upon termination and advice on how to address critical career moves, state-of-the-art career analyses and assessments to uncover the best career options to meet individual needs, and a powerful arsenal of career documents including a resume, an array of targeted cover letters, and follow-up letters. For executives and senior managers, I also offer leadership addenda, biographies, achievement summaries, executive job proposals, reference sheets and more.

I also work with a small number of other vendors who provide services such as recruiter email campaigns, venture capital outreach, custom interview kits, and much more. Please inquire to learn more about how I can provide a comprehensive package that will give you the tools you need to succeed!

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