Jan 20

The Importance Of A Cover Letter

When you send out your résumé, it is likely to be one of many which will be screened by the recipient. Make sure that yours makes it through the screening process by creating a compelling cover letter.

The letter needs to be concise, yet effective. You want to appear confident, but you don’t want to brag. Demonstrate your written communication skills with an eloquent opening statement as to why you consider yourself to be the candidate for the position. Be careful to use correct punctuation and grammar.

Emphasize your skills and experience as they relate to the position being offered. Demonstrate what value (in skills or qualities) you can bring that will benefit the company. Give specific examples where you have made a difference in your previous position(s) and how those examples are directly relevant to this position. This is especially valuable to help flesh-out a relevant position that is listed on your résumé in less detail.

If you are available at short notice or live close to where you would be working should your application be successful, make that clear.

This is your opportunity to make your application stand-out among the rest, so be sure to make the most of it.

Web 2.0 Resume

Is your resume going to stand out in today’s market? With the popularity of social media and mobile devices it is critical that you have a web 2.0 resume even if you aren’t an IT professional.

What this means is that your resume must not be longer than 2 pages, no matter how extensive your relevant professional experience is to your future goals. Let’s face it, most of us are typically faced with information overload, so it is critical that your resume be succinct and rapidly engage the recipient.

Achievement bullets need to be less detailed and showcase impact. Even the font style needs to be modern; forget Times New Roman or Garamond, but instead view the fonts currently available in the latest version of Word and consider styles like Calibri and Cambria. Welcome to the new resume and the challenge of standing out in a world of technology!