Jan 20

Where Do You See Yourself Five Years From Now?

In an interview, the question of where you see yourself five years from now may be one of the trickiest to answer. It seems like every employer asks it, and there is no standard or “best” answer.

It’s wise to avoid giving the impression that the job for which you’re being interviewed is merely a “stepping stone” to something better–but you also don’t want to seem as though you lack initiative.

One way to handle the question is to impress upon the interviewer that you are flexible.  You might explain that you hope there are opportunities to learn and grow that will allow you to contribute even more to the company.  You understand that it will take time and hard work, and hope that the company will reward you by encouraging you to learn new skills that keep your job interesting and lead to advancement.

Above all, don’t make it sound as though you’ve memorized a speech. Be natural and honest, with a healthy dose of confidence.  You’ll find that most interviewers prefer a candidate who sounds genuine and seems at ease during the interview. Above all, be yourself.

Good luck!

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