Jan 20

The “What’s Your Greatest Strength?” Question, And How To Answer It

“What is your greatest strength?” is one of the most common questions asked in an interview. Here are some tips on answering this question.

Consider the answer to the question prior to the interview; you should expect the question and the interviewer will be expecting a considered answer.

Focus on a few strengths which you consider would give you the best chance of being offered the position. Choose skills from the job requirement’s mandatory/essential skills and preferred skills list.  If the job listing mentioned “working as a member of a team,” give an example of how you were able to bring the team together on a particular project and keep it on track in pursuit of a common goal.  If you take direction well, mention your ability to follow instructions to the letter which contributed to excellence in your last job.

Be prepared to give specific and detailed examples of when you demonstrated these skills and how. This is no time for false modesty. Show the interviewer that you know what your strengths are and that you know how to use them.

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